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Rules / FAQ

Explore fantastic restaurants and meet new people!
Join for our next adventure!!

Please only RSVP if you will definitely be joining us as these events have limited seating and we must let the restaurant know our guest count.

If you are not able to attend please let us know ASAP.

Arrive on time.

Seating is on a first come basis.
Guests will be seated together with other Gourmet Club attendees.

Please dress appropriately. 

Each guest will pay individually or for the number of guests in their party.

Please leave a gratuity for our servers and bartenders.
Minimum of 20% suggested.

Please be polite to our guests and restaurant staff.

We have zero tolerance for bad behavior.

Any guests not following these rules will be removed from all future events.

Restaurant Participation

This is what we are all about.
Explore fantastic restaurants and meet new people!
Join for our next adventure!!

Restaurant Participation
How it works.
We are basically making a reservation for between 4 and 20 guests.
Each guest will have an individual guest check and pay individually.
Guests will order off your regular menu or special menu if we have that previously arranged.
If possible we would like one large table or tables next to each other.

How to Get Started:
Restaurants provide the following:
– Best day of the week and time range for events
Example: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between 4 and 7pm
– Let us know the maximum number of guests we can bring.
We will provide a final guest count the day before the event.

We take it from here! will finalize a date with the restaurant and start promoting.
We charge a small fee to each guest, generally from $5 to $15.

Restaurant Options: (Optional for each host restaurant)
Restaurants have the option to offer a complimentary drink, appetizer, dessert or gift card (for future visit) for each guest.

See list of past and future events with links to event photos.

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